Jim Roth

Owner, Storm King Mountain Technologies

Past VRFSC President

“The Storm King Mountain Fire  took the lives of 14 firefighters, including my brother. It was a turning point in my life.  I realized I could remain bitter or I could turn this tragic event into something positive. I was fortunate to meet my brother’s firefighting friends and coworkers who took me under their wings, which was the impetus to learn about wildfire and get my wildfire credentials. These men and women were some of the best people in the world. Thus, began my career to push the envelope for greater fire safety. I challenged fire fighters to think differently, particularly around fire shelters and training in real-life conditions. I started my own company, Storm King Mountain, Inc, where I created a state-of-the-art burn-over protection products for wild land fire fighters. If we can help homeowners stay safe from wildfire, then fire fighters will be safer too. That’s what it’s about. You got to leave this place better than when you got here. The Fire Safe Council is how I do it.”-Jim Roth