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We are growing, changing, and moving!

Starting August 1st, our office will be housed in the Ventura County Farm Bureau Building

5156 McGrath Street Suite 101, Ventura, CA 93003

New Name: The Central Ventura County Fire Safe Council (CVCFSC) is now the

Ventura Regional Fire Safe Council (VRFSC).


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Priority will be given to those properties adjacent to open areas in the Thousand Oaks and the Greater Conejo Valley region.


Learn how you can protect your home from Wildfires through our Wildfire Prevention Webinar Series


County-wide CWPP

We are working to update the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) to provide a roadmap of actions for communities to address the wildfire threat. It will prioritize fuel reduction activities and recommend measures to reduce the ignitability of structures.

Wildfire Prevention in Piru

Reducing Wildfire Risks in Piru will work with vulnerable homeowners and residents to become more fire resilient, safer, and better prepared to withstand wildfire through fuel abatement work, chipper days, Home Ignition Zone training and assessments, and outreach to vulnerable populations.

COSCA Wildfire Prevention

The Greater Conejo Valley Area will become more fire resilient, safer, and better prepared to withstand the threat of wildfire through multiple projects including HIZ training and assessments, chipper events, and virtual webinars on wildfire preparedness.

For questions about these programs and to learn more about how you can get involved, please contact

Kate Furlong, Programs Manager at Kate@venturafiresafe.org





“My husband and I are so grateful for the wildfire safety assessment service provided by the Ventura Regional Fire Safe Council.  Two years ago a dear friend lost her house in the Woolsey fire.  That was a graphic reminder that this could happen to us or anyone but we hadn’t done anything about making our house more secure. Not  until we were offered this free assessment.  The team that came to our house was friendly and very. Professional. They provided us with so much useful information –simple fixes that will make our home more fire resistant. I now feel confident that we have taken some significant steps to protect our home and ourselves! Thanks to the Ventura Regional Fire Sage Council.  This is a very valuable service.”

Karon Wright, Homeowner near Wildwood Park, Thousand Oaks



“The Ventura Regional Fire Safe Council is offering a training for volunteers to help properties in Thousand Oaks/Greater Conejo Valley survive the next wildfire. This is an incredible opportunity to empower our community and to help prevent the loss of structures, property, and lives in major fire events. Sign up for the course at venturafiresafe.org

-Lara Walker

We live in a high fire severity area and want to do what we can to mitigate issues during a potential fire event.  We truly appreciated the thorough and informative home hardening assessment that your group provided at our home located in Thousand Oaks.  It was truly an eye opener and many of the items identified as issues are easily and inexpensively remedied.  Examples of issues and the actions needed on our property were:

  • Need to replace existing screening over the attic and garage vents with 1/8th inch screening.
  • Remove any wood chips near our home and replace with non-flammable materials.
  • Remove the dead tree near the front of our home.
  • Caulk openings in the front decorative wood boards.
  • Remove identified dead plants and debris.
  • Contact neighbor to advise him that his six-to-ten-foot wood chip piles are a fire hazard.
  • Repaint wood and fences on the property.

We are currently taking corrective action on all of the issues found on our property during the inspection and we cannot thank you enough for bringing these issues to our attention.

The fire council also conducted a home hardening inspection on another home on our block.  It made us realize our home is only as safe as the rest of the neighbors’ homes so it is important that everyone become aware of how they can help each other become more fire safe.  The home hardening inspection that your group offers truly can save lives and property during a fire event.

-Mike and Pat Hanley


Navigating Through COVID-19


“The Ventura Regional Fire Safe Council is committed to caring for the health and well-being of our partners and playing a constructive role in supporting local health officials and government leaders. As we all know, the situation with COVID-19 is extremely dynamic and we will continue to review the facts and science and make the proactive decisions to help protect our partners and communities. 

For now, we have canceled all our meetings and training programs in April, including the Hired Vendor Training workshop, and the community meetings in Fillmore, Ventura and Moorpark.  We will reschedule them as soon as we can. We are also evaluating future projects and will move forward as the situation allowsWe appreciate your understanding as we navigate through this time together.

It is our intent to remain transparent to our unwavering Mission and resume our programs and activities as soon as it is safe to do so. We’ll keep you posted via our website.”

Mike LaPlant, Board President, March 17, 2020

The Fire Safe Council was able to provide over 100 N95 masks to first response organizations, primarily through the Ventura County Community Foundation and other organizations. While not a large number, we know that everything helps. We encourage anyone with similar items to do the same as soon as possible.

Ventura Regional Fire Safe Council


The mission of the Ventura Regional Fire Safe Council is to reduce the threat of wildfire to farms, ranches, urban neighborhoods, and infrastructure, through an aggressive program of action, education and collaboration.