Mike LaPlant


Retired Deputy Chief from the Ventura County Fire Department

After serving 8 years in the United States Air Force, Mike served for 32 years with the Ventura County Fire Department. He worked up through the ranks and retired from the Department as the Deputy Fire Chief in 2014.  He continued his career as a consultant and trainer in advanced incident management.  In 2016, Mike joined the Santa Paula City Fire Department as an Assistant Chief and served there for two years.  Upon the consolidation of the Santa Paula City Fire Department and the Ventura County Fire Department, Mike left the Santa Paula Fire agency and continued to provide training and consulting services to agencies throughout the country.  He continues to be a member of a Federal Incident Management Team and has responded to major incidents such as major wildfire incidents and hurricane relief efforts in many areas of the country.  Mike is committed to the mission of the Fire Safe Council.  He sees that protection from devastating wildfires must include efforts of homeowners, neighborhoods, and the whole community and that the Fire Safe Council is instrumental in bringing these partners together.

“As a retired Deputy Fire Chief with the Ventura County Fire Department, I am excited to be part of an organization that has worked so hard to address the very real threat that wildfires present to our communities.  As I look ahead to the future of the VRFSC, I’m proud to carry the mission forward and expand even farther – the list of services we provide to our local communities in areas of fire prevention, property preparedness, fire safety education and support to partner agencies. ” -Mike LaPlant