Become a Firewise USA Community

Firewise USA

Ventura Regional FSC employs three Regional Coordinators for the Firewise USA Program and is working to get more communities in Ventura County recognized as Firewise! If you are an HOA, POA, community group, or just a dedicated proactive “spark plug” resident leader looking to get your neighbors engaged, Firewise USA might be a fantastic fit. 

Why become a Firewise community? Firewise communities experience insurance discounts and can encourage insurance agencies to return to communities in high wildfire-risk areas.

If your community would like to become a designated Firewise USA site, contact us to connect with one of our Regional Coordinators. We can help set up a Firewise workshop in your community. Learn more about how being Firewise can benefit your community.

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Home Wildfire Hardening Workshops

We offer free Home Wildfire Workshops, officially known as Home Hardening, workshops for groups and neighborhoods in hazard zones to share actionable strategies that will help them protect their homes before a wildfire strikes. Get in touch with us to host one in your community! 

Firewise USA Workshops

For communities ready to take collective action and encourage insurance companies to stay in their area, we offer free Firewise USA workshops. These workshops take you step-by-step through how to become a designated Firewise community. Contact us to setup a workshop in your community.