NO-COST Chipping Program

No-Cost Vegetation and Wood Chipping

Our grant-funded Chipper Program provides chipping services for neighborhoods and individual homeowners in Ventura County free of charge. These vegetation management programs reduce the flammable fuel load and increase weed abatement activities in communities that border the wildland-urban interface threat zones.

This invaluable funding has been provided by a grant through CAL FIRE from the Cooperative Fire Program of the U.S. Forest Service, Department of Agriculture, Pacific Southwest Region, through the California Fire Safe Council and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection as part of the California Climate Investments Program, the California Fire Foundation, SoCal Edison—and by a grant through the Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency (COSCA).

Wood Pile

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Chip Tips & Chipper Pointers

The time you spend cutting and stacking material for chipping is used for an “in-kind match” for this grant. Meeting the grant’s match requirements will help secure future funding to continue this program. So please be as accurate as possible when recording and reporting your time. 

Recently removed vegetation will always chip better than old, dried-out branches and shrubs

The chipper can handle material up to 7 inches in diameter (no root balls). The equipment does not effectively chip individual branches that are small (rakings) or old, decayed wood.

It’s important to keep all piles free of rocks, dirt, wire, lumber, spiny plants, and poison oak. The chipper cannot chip palm fronds, succulents, pine needles, or leaves.