About the Ventura Regional Fire Safe Council


a 501c3 non-profit organization




The mission of the Ventura Regional Fire Safe Council (VRFSC), previously the Central Ventura County Fire Safe Council (CVCFSC), is to: Reduce the threat of wildfire to farms, ranches, urban neighborhoods, and infrastructure through an aggressive program of action, education and collaboration. The VRFSC was recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 non-profit organization in September 2010.



We ensure that our local communities are fire resilient, safe, and prepared to withstand the threat of wildfire



Collaboration and partnership is at the core of the VRFSC’s mission. We work with over 30 partners from nonprofit, government, academia and business, including county and city fire departments, the Oxnard College Regional Fire Academy, VC Agricultural Commissioner’s Office, VC Cattleman’s Association, Farm Bureau of VC, VC Parks and the Office of Emergency Services, among others.



In 2009, a diverse group of visionary farmers, ranchers, and business owners came together with local fire protection agencies with a common interest – to protect the natural resources and communities in Ventura County from wildfire and to exchange information, and foster fire protection and fire safety. One year later, these same leaders created the  CVCFSC as a  direct outcome of these informal gatherings. Several of the original founders continue to serve on the VRFSC board.



Our approach is simple. We start with the data to identify the most pressing wildfire challenges in our county, engage stakeholders to develop solutions, and then mobilize our partners to implement immediate and long-term solutions to enable residents to live safely with wildfire.



The Fire Safe Council has a nine member Board of Directors with representation from local agriculture, ranchers, city and county fire, the insurance industry, a civil engineer and an environmental planner.



The VRFSC is served by an Advisory Board with broad technical expertise: